How does it work?

Map creators have a variety of tools and options at their disposal for creating interesting and user-friendly maps. This page provides a brief introduction to the basic features of a ShowMe Map.

  1. Title or Logo – Each map has a title which will show in the header area. Alternatively, you can upload an image or logo which will replace the title text. A logo is used in this example.
  2. Theme – The header background (map theme) can be a colour or image. Several pre-built themes are available and custom themes are an option.
  3. Advertisements – The free version of the application includes two advertisement blocks served from the Google™ Ad network.
  4. Navigation - Map content typically consists of a number of categories with locations within those categories. Both accessed from convenient drop-down menus.
  5. Show Labels - This button activates a small info-window showing the titles of the category or location markers.
  6. Link and Share - These buttons provide a convenient way to share or link to specific locations or categories within your map.
  1. Map Controls – Standard Google™ map controls allow users to manipulate the map view i.e. switch from Map/Road view to Satellite View, zoom in/out, adjust your map width on-page, or make the map full-screen.
  2. Info Window – Clicking a map marker displays an info-window displaying information about the category or location and links to any active information tabs.
  3. Show Your Location – Clicking this button when viewing a map on a mobile device will show your location on the map and move with you as you explore the area you are visiting in-person.
  4. Markers - Unique map markers are used to indicate categories and locations. You can choose which marker icon and colour best suits your map. There is a library of icons to chose from and custom options available.
  5. Information Tabs – Each category and location in your map can have a variety of information tabs activated (depending on the content available). Tab options include Street View; Image View; Details; Gallery; Video; and 360 View.
  6. Map Key - The map key tab is an option you can activate as an alternative way for users to navigate your map.